Sparki Workshop Programme and supplement code!

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Sparki Workshop Programme and supplement code!

Postby mikasami » Sat Jun 27, 2015 1:10 pm


I'm in the process of making one day eight hour workshop on sparki. My programme outline is not yet done, but here is what I have accomplished so far. This is still pretty much a work in progress.. I would really appreciate feedback. Thanks in advance :D

Session1 : Servo's and Steppers


code for gripper:

code for writing an M:

code for neck servo:

Session2: Sensing surfaces, light, and obstacles

article: ... 2294551c09

code for light following/avoidance:

code for ultrasonic range finder and infrared reflectance sensor:

session3: autonomous sparki

article: ... bdae95e67c

code for obstacle avoidance:

code for edge avoidance:
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